Dr. Lisa Sigl

University Assistant

Research Platform “Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice”
T: +43 1 4277 26101

Consultation hours:
by arrangement via e-mail


Lisa Sigl is university assistant at the Research Platform “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Academic Practice”. Her main research interest lies in the conditions that allow responsibility (in its various dimensions) to be a legitimate and potent value in research cultures and practices. She is particularly interested in forms of inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration to raise the potential of RRI.

As research assistant at the Center for Higher Education (zhb) at TU Dortmund (2014-2016) she works on the research project “University-industry collaboration in high-tech fields” (with a particular focus on Germany). At the intersection of science and technology studies (STS) and Higher Education Studies (HES), she is mainly interested in forms of agency that develop in new governance arrangements for research commercialization (e.g. new IPR-legislation, university-internal regulations).

During her time at the Austrian Institute for international Affairs (oiip) in Vienna, she had the opportunity to work with representatives of different stakeholders (ministries, funding agencies, etc.) in the framework of a “Taskforce of the Austrian Government for the Internationalisation of Science and Research Policy”. As head of the research focus “Internationalisation of Science-, Technology and Innovation Policy”, she was mainly interested in the international comparison of innovation policies and innovation concepts in Europe, China and India.

In her PhD thesis at the Department for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna, she dealt with the question how young researchers in the life sciences (PhDs, Postdocs) deal with different kinds of uncertainty and precarious working conditions. She combined conceptual approaches of STS and the Labour Studies to open up new perspectives on the transformation of research cultures today. Basis of this work was her collaboration in two research projects on the transformation of scientific research cultures – the FP6-project KNOWING („Knowledge, Institutions and Gender: An East-West Comparative Study“) and the project GOLDII („Die Biowissenschaften als Kultur und Praxis neu denken“) – and a DOC-scholarship of the öaw („Uncertain Research Landscapes“).

Current research interests

  • the transformation of cultures of knowledge production within their societal contexts (in academia, but also in contexts of research commercialization, social innovation, social movements)
  • inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration in and for “responsible research and innovation (RRI)”  
  • innovation policies and concepts of innovation in international comparison


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