The broader aim of the platform is a better understanding how the governance of academic research frames scientific practices, and therewith also researchers’ capacity to be reflexive and address societal values, norms and expectations in their work.

Subgoals of the platforms are,

  • to map the understandings of responsibility in different institutional contexts and research fields;
  • to identify and analyse tensions and problems in research practices with regard to RRI;
  • to identify possibilities and potentials of RRI;
  • to discusses how characteristics of research cultures (e.g. handling of data, temporal structures, career models, forms of valuation, trust relationships) the matter for responsibility issues;
  • to analyse the forms in which researchers interact with societal actors and understand how the integration of science and society might transform research practices;
  • to explore the relationship between future imaginaries of society and research and research practices;
  • to explore the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration for responsibility in academic practice.