Vera Ulmer, BA BA MA


Vera Ulmer is a PhD student and university assistant at the Research Platform “Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice”. In her dissertation project, Vera examines the plurality of authorship and publication practices, while being considerate of the situational features and context-specific conditions shaping those practices. Moreover, drawing on Valuation Studies, she is interested in the differing amounts of worth attributed to the various contributions for a publication, and in how acknowledgements in the form of authorship are justified. Another focus of Vera’s PhD project concerns the (care) strategies employed by researchers at various career stages in the context of authorship. Specifically, she explores how researchers render work (in)visible (both their own contributions and those of others) when it comes to how authors are named and ranked.

Her further research interests lie in feminist science studies, especially Donna Haraway’s work and Standpoint Theory, the question how researchers’ epistemic living spaces and practices are shaped by academia’s current audit culture, and the variety of researchers’ scientific responsibility and excellence conceptions. 

Vera holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies and bachelor’s degrees in Intercultural Business Administration and Art History. In her master’s thesis, she analyzed and discussed European Research Council grantees’ situated understandings of scientific excellence and notions of scientific responsibility.